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Day 2 PO progress shot

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Hey girls! I'm only 2 days PO but I thought I would put a progress shot up :) This was taken just before my sister showered me (dignity out the window :p ), I cant believe how big they look on me - compared to what I had :D 

I am still really struggling with pain when I stand up, nausea and severe lack of appetite :( But I am my way home tomorrow, 4 1/2 hour drive! So hopefully I'll feel better once I get home and in the recliner :p 


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Looking fantastic already hun. Congrats. Hope you recover well.

They look great hun, congrats and i wish you a speedy recovery xx 

Looking really good !

Thank you so much ladies! I really was scared to look at them in case I hated them (which can be expected early on) but your words are so kind and reassuring :D xx

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Yay, congratulations!!! Hope the drive home isn't too uncomfortable, make sure you have a towel or pillow or something to pad between you and the seatbelt... and make sure your sister takes it easy over the bumps in the road 😊

Thank you, I've been told to also stop every hour to get o it and walk around which should be interesting :p I've packed a really sft scarf that im hoping will do the trick when I fold it up :) 

Looking good... I wish u all the best with recovery day 7 i felt much better.. Im on day 8 now managed to clean the bathroom lol x

Thank you! How is your pain now at day 8? :) 

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Only hunch pain at the mo lol little bit on the right side but great othewise. How good is it to finally have boobs bloody awesome lol x

Thats great to hear! Hopefully something to look forward to in the future :) And it feels amazing! I finally feel like a woman! :D 

Good luck with the journey home. The new girls are looking fabulous already. I'd see if you can take a pillow to put on your lap so that your arms can rest. I found it the most comfortable way to travel in the car. Good luck

Thank you :D I did pack my ladybug pillow so I might pack her for the car ride? :) 

Gorgeous. 😍

Aww thanks Maisie! Xx

They look great! You got anatomicals right? I'm tossing up between them and rounds at the moment, am leaning towards anatomicals though

Thanks Elisabeth :D And yes I do, I am very impressed with how they are going so far!!

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