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Strapless bras


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I guess I have painful boobies in general :( even when I was a no cup I would wear something supportive,maybe il get a strapless convertable and use those clear strap things ,I had a thought lol ,I find when I go free willy they hurt 

Oh no! Thats a bummer ?

I'm the exact opposite- I can't wait to rip off my bra the minute I walk in the door....such relief! But yes, if you need good support then this is probably not the bra for you. 

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I used to love going braless before my BA now they feel so heavy and kinda painful without support. They feel like they're going to fall out of my chest when I bend over braless. I'm hoping they get better with time!

yes ! It's yukky feeling for sure , mine are so painful during ovulation it's pretty bad ,but in general without bra i do feel that aswell ,im not the only one 

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