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Questions for 1st BA consult?


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I am having my first BA consult with Dr Richardson this Wednesday (2nd) and am doing up my list of questions to ask him (so excited!) ??.

Are there any questions that you think I should definitely ask? Like something that may not be as obvious to ask but that you found really helpful in your own consults?

My main questions will be around capsular contracture, post op exercise and Fibroadenoma  (I have 1 Fibroadenoma in each breast and am hoping he can remove them for me during surgery! The ultrasounds I've had over many years indicate that they are not of concern).

Thanks in advance! ?

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Make sure you talk in detail about the look you want to achieve. I forgot to ask a lot of the simple stuff at first cos I was more worried about things like capsular contracture, complications and the general size I wanted.

1. I would highly recommend showing him pictures that depict clearly the kind of size and shape you're after.

2. Ask him which brand and style of implant he would recommend and why.

3. Ask him what makes that implant different to others.

4. He will likely recommend a certain size for you but you might find it helpful to know the absolute maximum size you're body could hold to give you perspective and also should you decide you want bigger.

these were all the things that really weighed on my mind a lot in the lead up to surgery.

i ended up getting the nagor GFX extra high profile implants and understanding the differences between them and the impleo made me realize I was getting the right implants for my body.

good luck!! ?

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It went well thanks :) I felt very comfortable with Dr Richardson, apparently I can go as big as 420! They did however look a bit ridiculous on my small frame... I'm thinking 330 and 360 as one of my breasts are smaller. Moderate round textured Nagors (indeed) he suggested... I definitely want to go back and try the sizers on again though! It's so confusing when you try on so many! 

ill admit I didn't ask as many questions as I thought I would? Wasn't sure if it is because I was nervous or just trust his capability.... Either way, was very exciting and I want them done now :(

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Go back as often as you can to make sure you are totally comfortable with the size and maybe even start wearing more padding in your bra. I got more comfortable with a larger size the more I tried the sizers on and the longer I wore more heavily padded bras. It's basically doing what you can to make sure you don't end up regretting not going bigger - it's funny how quickly you end up getting used to being a bit bigger. 

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