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1 week PO


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Hi guys,

So I'm 1 week PO and so far I am quite happy with how my progress is going :D 

They still feel very tight and hard but pain is minimal now, been on panadol for the last 3 days with the occasional panadeine forte. This is going to sound ridiculous to many of you but I cannot wait until the swelling goes down and they shrink a little and lose the upper pole, I feel like they are SO big right now :p 

Sleeping is still a challenge but thank god for recliners! 

My biggest challenge though is my back and neck pain! They are killing me! I am trying so hard to stand up right but it is such a struggle! 

Overall I am just so thankful to not have tuberous breasts anymore! 1 more week and I get my bandages removed and I'll get to see what they really look like :D 

The photo I've added is of 5 days PO :) they seem to be getting closer together!


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Your looking really good already  they are definetly close together already :) il never get mine to touch like that even with a push up bra , back is a killer ,I can still feel it now ? it's yukky for sure 

You aren't alone my PS told me not to expect mine to get close before 6 months. 

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They look great! I'm 9 days PO and am suffering with back pain too. I get hubby to rub voltaren in after shower and it helps a lot. Each day the pain is less and my swelling is slowly going down.

how awesome is it to finally have boobs??

Thank you :D I might have to give the voltaren a go because it really is killing me the back pain! And I cannot believe I actually have boobies now, and how great they look in singlets ;) can't wait to get out of this PO bra ? 

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