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Anyone who's borderline lift and went with just a BA? Curious about results!

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Is it a great idea to surgeon shop until you find someone who tells you what you want to hear instead of what you need?  You'll pay a cosmetic surgeon to give you a 'sub-optimal' result - and you're ready to pay for it all over again with a plastic surgeon who'll fix the cosmetic surgeons sub-optimal work?  Good luck ladies, fingers crossed for you that you're happy with your results, because if you're not you'll need to start all over with a plastic surgeon qualified to do whatever it takes to give you a great result.  TCI aren't being fussy, there're trying to prevent unhappy clients.  They're being smart.

I'm not sure if I should be offended or not @Jaddles! I'm assuming you mean this to be kind though and I appreciate it. I don't think there's anything wrong with TCI being 'fussy' (maybe I did use the wrong word here, haha!)- I think given they state they want to of straight forward cases, it's smart of them.

 As for 'surgeon shopping' - I'm looking for someone I feel comfortable with and who will give me the results I'm after. I'm being realistic about the results I want, and based off the goal pictures i send them- they say that they're able to give me that result. The result I'm after is something most girls probably would view as 'sub optimal', and I think they just say that out of standard practice. 

Honestly, It's been odd after having been on the RealSelf pages and being told by more then 20+ surgeons that I'm fine for a BA, and then getting knocked back by the TCI at Southport (which I'm okay with given I'm not familiar with the surgeons) but then having Parramatta say I'm okay to go forth. I'm assuming it's because I'm not a straightforward case, but in the ideal scenario- I won't be going with TCI anyway. I was just curious given I've liked some of the results and I hear so much about them. 

At the moment, I'm just trying to get opinions, especially since so many girls recommend having multiple consultations. I'll be having my first in person consultation tomorrow, followed by another two next week. All my work so far has been done via emails given I've been wrapped up with graduating from university, so shopping around has really been all I can do for the time being! I'm sure you can understand being excited and wanting as much information as possible? I obviously don't want sub optimal results, but I don't see any harm in enquiring with people I'm curious about. 

So far I've had both Dr Narupon and Thanakom from PIAC say that they're happy to do implants on me and feel that they'll be able to give me the desired result (if you're curious, you're more then welcome to look at my albums!) but I'd like to try and get someone closer to home given I won't be able to take my partner or a family member with me. T

Sorry if this seems passive aggressive or anything of the like! I'm just terrified people think I'm jumping into things I have no understanding of when I'm really just trying my hardest to educate myself on the matter. I don't have anyone in my day to day life I can talk about in regards to all of this, so coming here's been the next best thing. 

Agreed!! I'm a forum tragic, I've been here for years and remember when TCI started. There were some HORRIBLE borderline BA's done with them.  Then after a while they started talking about 'sub-optimal results', it sounds like they're really restricting who they're willing to accept now, and why wouldn't they?  They have no obligation to accept difficult cases.  They offer a 'McBoobjob' - round, textured unders - not appropriate for everyone.  They're catering to the girls who just want bigger boobs, anyone more complicated than that would be very naive to think that a McBoobjob will give them the best result.

I've got to say- the McBoobjob comment definitely gave me the giggles and I understand what you mean! 

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Not at all, my comments aren't directed at you, more just an observation of the 'avoid a lift at any cost' posts that bob up often on here, you'll see a lot of them if you're on the forum for any period of time.  It seems like you're seeking opinions of some great surgeons and taking what they say on board in a logical way.  Not everyone has your thirst for info.  There's a difference between seeking out and taking on board the recommendations on great surgeons (which you're doing) and seeking out the cheapest surgeon who promises you what the rest said was unachievable.  

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I was a little disappointed after my first consol when I was told I need a lift. My boobs don't sag a lot, boarder line a lift, but I would like them to sit higher. After processing the info & doing my own research through readings, it now makes sense to me why surgeons recommend a lift. 

I read a report that in order for a lift the distance from your nipple & neck needs to be more than 22cm.

Tbh if I'm getting a BA & paying so much money, I would like my new set of twins to sit up high (where they should be). However if you are happy for your boobs to sit lower just do the BA bearing in mind of the above. 

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