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To all the mums with babies/toddlers


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Im having my BA next Thursday, but have been advised that I won't be able to pick up my 1yr old for 7-10 days post op. I just wanted to ask my other fellow mums out there if you have any tips on how to manage getting your little ones in and out of the cot/change table/high chair.

I will have full time help for 3 days and then after that I'm basically on my own from 8am till 5:30ish each day until the weekend rolls around again. 

I can probably change my son on the floor and then I might have to even feed him sitting on the floor :unsure: I think its the cot situation when he has his few naps during the day, not sure what to do about that part.


Any tips and advice would be awesome :)


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I had my BA last Monday. I have an 11 month old and a nearly 3 year old.

the first 3 days I locked myself in the bedroom and only came down just before bed time to give them some cuddles.


by Thursday I was feeling great and was able to sit on the floor and play with them. I didn't lift my 11 month old until Saturday. We went to a concert and I couldn't not pick him up. I was told I could pick them up when I felt comfortable.

ive been looking after them by myself the last 2 days and have been fine.

i mostly just sit on the floor with them, only pick them up if they really need it. It's not painful but by the evening I do feel achy.

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Day time naps, id let her have sleeps on matress on the floor.  I found it a bit tricky getting my youngest in and out of her cot.  I did have full time help for a while.  The hardest was in the middle of the night when she needed mummy.  If you have your partner at home, maybe he could get bub in the night.

It is a bit tricky and hard when they cry to be picked up, but honestly its only for a couple of weeks that you feel restricted.  Just take it easy.

Those 3 days that you have full time help, I would defo make the most of it and lock yourself away to have some total rest. x

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