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Not all recovery stories are bad!

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Before my BA I read soooo many horror recovery stories (and a few good ones) but the bad ones really did play on my mind, so I thought I would share mine with you in the hope that it help others who might have been nervous about recovery like I was.


I was booked in at the hospital at 11:30 but didn't go in for surgery until about 2. 

I remember being told you will feel sleepy soon and before the sentence was finished I said wow that was fast and I was out.

Next thing I remember was waking up back in my room, I drift back off to sleep and woke many time. I remember the nurse putting my post op bra on then I was out again until there was a knock on the door asking if I wanted a visitor. Hubby got sick of waiting for them to call and came back. With him there talking to me I was able to stay awake. The tape from the drip did not want to come off my arm, the nurse came back 4 times to try to get it off. Something so simple ended up being the most painful part of the whole experience.

I got myself out of bed went to the toilet and dressed myself without help. Not long after that the paperwork was done and we were out of there. Headed back to the apartment changed clothes and went out for dinner. Still feeling good we decided to hit westfield for some late night shopping. It was about 9:30pm when we got back to the apartment and honestly I felt great.

Day1 PO I felt like I had broken ribs, I couldn't get out of bed alone. You can't roll on your side, you can't push up with your arms so all you are left with is trying to do a sit up and with how bruised my ribs were that wasn't possible. Hubby put his hand between my shoulder blades and pushed me upright. As soon as I was up and moving I felt great. Had a shower, did my hair and make up. Needed help with one bra strap (more out of fear of it hurting then pain because it felt tight) headed out for breakfast, then shopping, had my post op check so there was maybe an hour that I was sitting around relaxing at the surgery and my apartment then we headed out sight seeing. Walking all around darling harbour and the botanic gardens. Finally sat down again at 9pm for dinner. Didn't get back to the apartment until about mid night. 

In those two days I took panadol maybe 3 times tops, and the muscle relaxer before bed (hoping to reduce morning boob).

Day2 PO I had to travel home so preparing for the worst I took the stronger pain meds and the muscle relaxer. Not my smartest move, we got about half an hour into out 4 hour drive and my pain was horrible, my vision went blurry and I thought I was going to pass out. We ended up stopping and I got out of the car as soon as I started walking around the pain went, my vision came back and I felt great. So we just stopped a few times coming home so I could move around. 

Day 3 PO again I still could not get out of bed without hubby's help but once I was up and moving I felt fine.

Day 4 Hubby works away and left for work on the afternoon of day 3 so I slept on the recliner because I was worried I couldn't get out of bed without his help. Managed to drive, take my son to the dr's and shopping without even panadol.

Day 5 and 6 pretty much the same horrible pain in my ribs when I first woke up but as soon I was up and moving it was gone.

The best advise I got was from my nurse she said when you wake up get up and move no matter how bad you feel it will make you feel better. She was 100% correct, while I am laying in bed or even sitting on the lounge I feel horrible the pain in my ribs is unbearable but as soon as I stand up and start moving it eases off. You just have to be strong and push past that initial pain and make yourself move. 

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Thanks for sharing! The pain is my biggest concern too particularly because I have 2 kids to look after. I'm booked with Dr M in a few weeks so am hoping his expertise with this surgery helps with that :) 

I am positive Dr M's surgical methods have played a big part in my easy recovery. His pre op and post of instructions are a lot more strict then some others but honestly that is him looking out for what be believes is best for us. 

You are in great hands, his whole team will make you feel fantastic. 

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I had an easy recovery also, which I think partly was due to the fact I have young kids and even when I am sick, I need to have the mentality of "just get on with it". 

I did have a few panaden fortes the first few days and a few panadol early on, but was still cooking dinner, getting kids ready for school and walking to and from the school, shopping etc etc.

I had a few cat naps here and there but overall I was so happy with how easy my recovery was, had read some real horror stories aswell and was starting to freak out about how long I would be out of action for.

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