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Hi everyone,

Surgery with Dr Luke Stradwick, in May 2016. 

Simple question is what have all you girlies done to prepare for when you come out of surgery? To make things a little bit easier for yourself. 

Talk to you all soon xx

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Just found your thread, how exciting. I'm also going with Dr S but not till August.

i have read on other threads to have your pillows set up & ready, clean sheets/linen. Everything you will need within easy reach, including shower items. Anything you may need put on lower shelves. Have your ice packs/ frozen peas ready & a hot pack for your back & shoulders. 

Some people suggest a recliner for the first few nights. Precook some home cooked meals & freeze as you probably won't feel like cooking. I'd suggest soups as you may not feel like anything heavy. Also something to do movies, magazines, books & TV series as I've heard it's pretty boring at first. Also suggested stool softeners or laxatives. Also maybe ask for a script for an anti-emetic in case pain relief makes you nauseous (panadeine forte can do this to some people). 

Wash your hair, shave legs etc the night before/ morning off as you may not feel like it for a week or so 😁

You probably have read most of this but just things I have read 😀 Good luck with your surgery, can't wait to read how you go xx

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