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Consult with Dr Kollias today


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Had my consult with Dr Kollias today and im really impressed.  I was extremely nervous and was literally shaking at the thought of taking my top off. I told him i think i need a lift as i was rejected by TCI... he had a look and said these are perfect breasts for an  augmentation - im so happy.  

I felt really comfortable with him and i really don't feel the need to look elsewhere. He showed me a few before and after pics of girls with the same type boobs as me. He explained different options of placements and then showed me pictures of the different options on girls similar to me.

He has recommended 295cc teardrop and given me some information to take home and do some research. Ive got to go into hospital next week for a small unrelated procedure so hes told me to get that done first and then come back to further discuss and book in. Im hoping for late Jan / feb!

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