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My new boobies


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So I'm 9 days post op and feel like my normal self... Except I have these!

recovery was pretty good. I've had one bad day which was day 3. Other than that I feel great! Looking after the kids again with no issues and even slept on my side last night and woke up WITH NO MORNING BOOB!


i had 370cc HP unders.


and here are my new twins!!




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They look amazing, exactly what I wanted. I am 17 days post-op and mine still look like torpedo's. Have your's dropped much since surgery or did they just come out pretty amazing. I can't see that mine will drop enough to have a nice shape, way too high in the chest. You look so good:)

thank you!

mine were torpedo for about a day then they rounded off.

they still have days where they look weird but I guess that's to be expected.

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