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Money exchange vs taking money out at ATMs


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So I'm off to Phuket next Friday and trying to work out the best (cheapest) method for converting money for meals/shopping etc. Ideally I'd want to just bring my debit card and take money out as needed, but will there be a large conversion and/or ATM fee each time I do this? Or should I convert my money at a money exchange stall? I've read that these places are a rip off and I'd rather not carry much cash on me, but I've also heard ATMs (not necessarily in Thailand but in other places) can charge a ridiculous fee without any warning.

Any ladies been to Thailand recently and know what the best method for converting AUD to THB for extra cash might be?

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If you are taking money out of the atm's take a decent amount out and put some in your hotel safe because the fees can be a pain. Not all of the money exchange places are a rip off just ask your hotel staff of the best place to go. We use a combination of paying by card for meals etc and money for the markets and generally don't get slugged with ridiculous fees. Not sure of best conversation rates atm. Where are you getting your boobs done? 

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I took 10 k cash with me to pay for surgery and have extra to spend  ....

You do get a better rate at the booth  than  the ATM as everyone you withdraw money at the machine you get a 200 Baht fee plus a fee from your own bank well I did $20 each time ... 

At the exchange booth I was getting 25.30 Baht to our dollar and the morning of surgery because I got into Phuket to late for the exchange booths they had all closed and were not open before my consult I had to then go to the bank and get a crap rate if 24.60...

I had my consult at 9:30 with Dr Boonchai and I told him I had to run your the bank next to PIAC before surgery he was fine with that so that was a relief ...

So personal choice I think ....


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