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Sick 9 Days Before Surgery! Help!


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My glands are swollen and I'm stressing because I don't want to be unwell when surgery is so close! I've told my boss but haven't mentioned it potentially screwing up annual leave if the surgery date is postponed (she's inflexible and I MUST take these particular dates off).

Are there any natural remedies that would be worthwhile getting! I'm open to anything even if it's foul tasting.

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I've been told I can't take any vitamin supplements, vitamin C included in that list! I'll definitely start gargling salt water though and hope it clears up whatever is going on. I drink about 3.5L a day so the water situation isn't an issue, although I'll add orange into my bottle because natural vitamin C surely would be allowed!

Thanks a bunch Hun, really did not expect a reply so soon after posting! X

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