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How long do your lips last


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I am going to get my lips done again tomorrow. Yay! But just out of curiosity I was really just wondering what everyone gets/have had and how long it lasted roughly?

I have had Restylane a couple of times, a couple of years ago and Juvederm Ultra a lot of times. Both times, the Resty swelled up a lot and I had literally black and blue bruising which lasted for 2+ weeks - the best makeup struggled to cover it. It was bad! Considering it only lasted 8-10 weeks before it felt like it was pretty much completely gone, the result was ok, but the bruising just wasn't worth it for me. 

I had Juvederm Ultra at the same place and it was much better - minimal swelling, a couple of days tenderness and some minor bruising which also settled down within a few days. 

It lasted 3-4 months, although when I have had them done again after 4 or so months, there has still been product in there that you could feel. 

Tomorrow I am getting Juvederm Ultra Plus which I haven't had before. Hoping to get a longer lasting result. 

What are your experiences with Juvederm Ultra vs Ultra Plus? 


Thanks xx



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