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Boobie experts- help me please

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i have been advised I need a lift and implants <400cc

i currently am 163cm and weight 58kg and am 19 yo (have been advised to wait until I'm 20)

but please please share your experience or knowledge on what option you would choose (price and surgeon wise). I've been quoted more than I thought I would but my tits are basically touching the ground so I understand hahah

Vejthani hospital 220000 baht /8437 AUD dr Theera

Destination beauty samitivej Thonburi  222900 baht/8570 AUD inc. accommodation dr narongdjed
Bangkok hospital Phuket. Dr piyapas 270,000 baht / 10,252 AUD
John Flynn hospital dr dilip gahankari, $9,900 AUD Gold Coast Aus
Bumrungrad hospital, dr amorn poomee $231000 baht/$8770 AUD
PIAC dr veerawat 295000 baht/$11,195 AUD
Yanhee hospital dr greechart 130,000 baht/ $4937 AUD
I have checked all the hospitals are JCI accredited but samitivej Thonburi :/

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There are some wonderful surgeons in Thailand. You also have to be REALLY careful. I would only consider the surgeons that have a really high reputation. There are a couple names on your post that I've never heard of. Dr Piyapas has a good reputation but with his pricing it may be worthwhile looking at prices in Australia like Sullengirl said. 

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