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Large Nose - Contemplating Surgery


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Hi everyone,


I've been self-conscious of my nose for most of my life, the women in my family genetically have quite large noses and unfortunately I did inherit that, I also have been struggling with horrible blackheads on the top of my nose since puberty (Nothing will get rid of them!) I currently live in brisbane and I do have the money to outright pay for the surgery after receiving a small inheritance.


My questions:

1. Am I a good candidate for surgery?

2. How much on average will it cost me?

3. What are some good surgeons within queensland/northen NSW?

4. Is my nose as big as I think it is, or as obvious?


I have attached some images as well to give everyone an idea of what my nose is like. 






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For starters no offence but I would be taking those things out of your nose as its attracting the eye there which isn't what you want, you want people eye drawn to your eyes.

you are a good candidate for a nose job, you have a bit of a bulbus tip but they can fix this along with the overall size.

i had my nose done and never looked back I forget how bad it was until I look at photos. Just do your research for a good surgeon


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Hi Ashana - it really is up to you, if it has bothered you for years and continues to bother you then you are a candidate for surgery. 

I am like you- I inherited my nose from both parents but I also have a deviated septum. So my procedure will be both cosmetic and medical to fix my breathing problems.

If you email any plastic surgeon's office they will give you a quote for surgery. When you go for a consult the surgeon will talk to you about what you don't like about your nose. They will suggest what they can do to change what you don't like and give you an idea about the expected outcomes. 

Make some appointments and you will be able to make an informed decision ? I'm going to Dr Richardson in Brisbane. 

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