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Post op bra sizing

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I'm wanting to buy post op bras before my BA - am thinking a carefix anna and a berlei. 

How do you know what size you'll need prior to having your op done?? 

I'm currently a 10C or 12b ... depending on the brand.  I wear mostly size 8 clothing. 

I think I am having 360cc.  Wanting to be prepared, but they're expensive if I buy the wrong size and can't wear it.  Any advice?  

Thanks ladies :) xx

And I do apologise if this has been asked a gazillion times before :) 

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I would probably go a medium in the care fix anna. I was a 10C and got 385ccs. The first few days it was too tight but after it fits perfectly. Also use their measuring chart on the Zodee website, it's pretty accurate :) the black ones are also seem a bit smaller/less stretchy I think due to the fabric dye. Hope that helps a little! I love my care fix anna.

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I was given 2 large Anna bras. I'm a size 8 clothes , 6-8 in bras & had 485cc in. They told me that even though the band width would be a bit big, I'd need a large to fit the boobs comfortably. They were right, they were very comfy & plenty supportive. 

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