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My (Gynecomastia) male chest reduction Surgery Journey in Sydney with Dr Daniel lanzer.

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I finally booked a surgery with daniel lanzer  for 9th december 2015.  I called brad ( Dr lanzers manager) and had to book the surgery on 4th december  with less than a week notice  because Dr lanzer only comes to sydney once every two months and he happens to be here this friday. 
So now it is two days to go for my surgery and today I had to go get a pathology blood test done at a local clinic.  I expected it to be a small test but  to my surprise the nurse took 11 vials of blood from my body! ie 11 tubes!!! Not sure if this is normal ? would appreciate some input from previous lanzer patients or doctors  is taking so  much  blood is normal just for a minor gynecomastia surgery? Besides having a minor gyno case i am also fit and have no health problems.

Anyway I felt very dizzy afterwards, but a bottle of juice and I feel ok now. I am just a bit scared because I will lose more blood in the surgery which is day after tommorw.  Just so you all know unlike melbourne the Dr Lanzers clinic in sydney is not a proper hospital so he has charged me 4000 dollars instead of 4500 which is the rate if you do the procedure in Melbourne.

I am told that there are 3 other chest procedures booked in the same day as me in sydney, so i guess even in sydney Dr lanzer gets quite a few patients. I will click a pre surgery picture tommorw  just so you all know how it looks like and I will keep updating post surgery pictures and my journey.  More to come. Feel free to ask any questions

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