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Scars post AM surgery


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Hi girls !! Need help please =)


I need some advices !

I did plastic surgery ( breast, AM ) 6 months ago in France.

And I don't have really nice scars as i make keloids scars, quite red and embossed.( even if we can't see htme so much as i did the surgery by axilla )

My surgeon advice me to have some hyaluronic acid injection in order to make them flat and look better.


Is that happened to you before ?

Which surgon in Sydney could be able to do that ?

Do you know some other treatment in this counstry that maybe i don't know?


I hear awsell something about Lazer treatment .. §


Bit confused for me as it's not my country ... Thanks a lot and have a lovely evening !

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I think the only real way to revise scars that have not healed properly is to have them re-done. 

My c-section scar after my son was awful (it didn't heal properly) but this was remedied after I had my daughter. No amount of laser fixed it. 

Someone else might have different suggestions though.

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A lot of people say they have keloid scars when they are in fact hypertrophic.  A keloid grows way beyond the site of the initial injury, a hypertrohic scar is raised and red and can hurt.  I'm prone to them, I've had injections for that on old scars.  Have you looked into silicone sheeting?  It prevents keloid and hypertrophic scarriing. Nic you were to have a scar revision it could be useful to try that?

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