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Dr. Joseph Rizk ?!?!


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I just spoke to him and he's says I'm a perfect candidate for tear drop. After breast feeding 2 kids there looking like they have had the life sucked right out of them. Lol. I'm very happy to get tear drop and have a natural look. Tear drop would be harder for him to do. Did he explain why he prefers tear drop. He pretty much said to that I have no other option. He definitely sounded great via Skype and I'm very excited.

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I've been looking at this surgeon through cosmeditour as well. I have some concerns and its hard to get straight answers from the consultants.

The implants he uses are polytech brand which they keep telling me are great and made in Germany yada yada. But why don't many surgeons use them.  Plus they aren't FDA approved in America. This worries me as americans lead the world in plastic surgery.  From the research I've done they were high risk for being carcinogenic. I can't find much info on  them other than that.  Plus they are $2000 cheaper than their QLD surgeons because of using this implant (QLD cosmeditour surgeons don't use them they use Allergan). Why don't QLD surgeons use them? Maybe I'm stressing too much and should just do it. 

I'm also struggling to find reviews on him.  

They've offered to get a review by Dr Mark Kohout in Sydney but not looking likely till Feb/March. 

Thinking of just having surgery in my home state.  

So confused. ...

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So you have me freaking out now. Lol. Never thought about the type of implant he is using. It makes sense to use textured with teardrop due to 1% chance of capsular contracture and they will stick so will not rotate. I'm reading up on it and finding a fair few surgeons use the German implants now since the Brazilian ones were banned. I found this as well 

  • Polytech use: Silicone gel for the shell and complied Bound gel in the implant both of which are FDA approved 

I will continue to look into it but will still go ahead. 

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