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Possible fluid collection or normal post op changes? POD5 pictures included


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Hi everyone

So im POD5 today and since day 1 ive had a sensation of fluid moving especially on my left side especially when I move upright from sitting back.. and today i feel some kind of crunching (?) when i move my arms??? I cant really describe it terribly well and i cant see a huge amount of asymmetry between them but im concerned the fluid i feel could be a seroma? Anyone had similar concerns and called their surgeon and just been told its normal?? Ill attach some photos of POD1 vs POD5. 

2015-12-06 08.11.26.jpg

2015-12-10 10.13.30.jpg

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From what I've read I hear this is normal , they look normal ! Just keep eye on it unless you have bad pain aswell then consult with your surgeon , I never had fluid noises at all with any of my surgerys, but I did have crunching ribs , they look great 

Thanks Katewell, no change in pain, if anything i hadnt needed to take anything for pain relief today which is an improvement on 36 hours ago... and no changes in colour or bruising, i feel like i can see more lower pole (even if its just the smallest amount) on my left boob than my right but wasnt sure if thats just because theyre dropping at different rates and maybe just feeling that fluid shift is making me paranoid. But you know as they all say ahaha, i have been paying much more attn to my breasts than i did a week ago... so maybe im just overreacting ...

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