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Just got my surgical recommendation from Dr Pornthep- Inverted T lift & implants?

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As the title says- my email from Cosmeditour just came through and oh my goodness I'm so nervous. I've copied and pasted it below, but man. I had been able to bring myself to terms with the lollipop lift, but seeing the inverted T has me a little panicky. That's pretty much around the areola, the vertical incision and under the breast right? I'm telling myself that if I was fine with getting a scar underneath my breasts when I thought I could get implants, and I was fine with the lollipop scarring from a lift after I was told I'd need it- I should be able to accept this. 

"SURGEON’S OPINION & SPECIAL REMARKS: After reviewing your medical history, information and images, Surgeon notes / recommends: Breast Augmentation with Lift, using inverted T incision and under the muscle placement of 275CC-300CC Round, Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants"

Has anyone here had any experience with it? I've seen loads of stories of women with lolipop lifts, but can't seem to recall many with anchor lifts/inverted T's? How did you find recovery? I've decided to go back to university next year to complete my honours year (I just got my results back and I've made it in easily!), but that also means I've got to be strategic about planning when to do it. How long will I need to stay out of classes for? I understand the surgery requires me to stay in Bangkok for 11 days, but I was curious how long people kind of kept indoors/avoided work/study/etc. 

Edit: Does anyone think the sizing is too small??? I'm a B cup at the moment, though most of that is skin. I want to go to a full C or D if I can? My BWD or whatever is (I always mess up the acronym) 11.5cm. 





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forgot to mention current size

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