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things I won't miss once I have boobs


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Just pondering and thinking the things i wont miss once I have boobs.

I wont miss food falling down my top and landing and staying in the empty spaces of my bra, because after BA there wont be room ?

I wont miss diving into the pool and have my bikini slide right up over my chest as there isn't anything to hold it down.

I won't miss having to head straight to the padded/push up section when shopping for bras.

I wont miss my current boobs.

I think I will miss sleeping on my tummy though lol

Anyone else miss or not miss anything?



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I won't miss feeling insecure about my boobs. I won't miss never feeling sexy. I won't miss having to buy push up bras and having to add more padding to one side. I won't miss second guessing myself every time my shirt comes off in front of my partner or cringing when he touches me intimately. 

I can't think of what I will miss except for giving the slip n slide a bash with my kids ☺

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I don't miss not filling out dresses and tops and I don't miss not feeling like a woman. 

I love showing them off to my husband and love looking down and seeing them there and not a flat chest or extreme padding. 

Also love wearing a bikini and feeling confident. 

omg i cant wait to have nice bikinis that i fill out!!!

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