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Sleeping post op


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I'm 3 weeks post op. My dr told me from the start that I can sleep however feels comfortable.

for the first week I slept with a pillow forte. But being a tummy sleeper I didn't get a good rest.

so I started sleeping half on my side in my pillow forte... Had no issues. No morning boob.

Now I'm sleeping completely on my side spooning a soft pillow with a large pillow between my knees to stop me from rolling onto my tummy.

last night I was feeling sick (have a throat infection) so took some cold and flu tabs before bed. I had the most amazing sleep but woke up on my tummy!!!!!

im not sore at all and my boobs still look normal.

my question is.... Is anyone else sleeping on their tummy and does is effect the implants?

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If you have no pain I don't see why not. I was told I could sleep on my tummy whenever it was comfortable to do so and I didn't have any pain. I'm nearly 4 weeks post op and it's definitely not comfortable for me. Sleeping on my side is ok apart from the side boob being I my armpit haha. I'm jealous that you can sleep on your tummy!

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I'm a tummy sleeper too and haven't managed to get back to that just yet - I was really excited that I managed to snooze on the lounge on my side yesterday for half an hour with my toddler and I'm only 3 weeks today? 

I can't see that it would be a problem if you're feeling OK, and not much you can do if you don't even realise anyway. 

Congrats on the good nights sleep ?

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