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Constipation post-op


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So this is a bit of an embarrassing post, but has anyone had issues with constipation post breast augmentation?

I'm 3 days post op now and haven't been to the bathroom (except for wee) since the day before my surgery. I've been taking Endone which I know can make you constipated but the past two nights I've taken two Coloxyl tablets each night which have done nothing at all.  I stopped taking the Endone at lunchtime yesterday.

Do I need to do anything?  Like tell my surgeon?  Is this normal?  Do I just need to up the dose of laxatives?  I know you can take up to four in one go. 

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The Coloxyl I have is a combined softener and laxative. 

Ha! That's why I was worried about taking the max dose last night. But I think I will need to just to get things "moving" again!

I'm glad it's not just me. I'm taking Panadol and Celebrex for the pain now as while I have heaps of Panadeine forte I want to avoid anything that's going to add to the constipation!

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I also took Coloxyl & Senna combined stool softener at the max dose allowed from post op day 1. It took me around 4-5 days post op from memory to be able to 'go', then went pretty regularly from then on.

I also drank a lot of water, ate tinned peaches, added chia seeds to what I could, ate prunes & dried apricots, and drank prune juice and pear juice. I have a tendency to get constipated on pain meds, so was organised from the get go. I couldn't stop my meds just because I was constipated - I was in too much pain. I just did what I could to alleviate this situation.


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I was drinking pear juice by the litre, taking Max coloxyl and even started using a natural laxative that my grandparents gave me, it took me two days after stopping pain meds to go... And I would get about thirty seconds of crippling gut pain (body cue to get to the toilet) before having to go. It was horrendous. 

I'm still not regular as it is! So annoying! Hope everything goes smoothly for you ☺️

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