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Anatomical rotation? stressing out!


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Hi Ladies,

Im 3 weeks post op with anatomicals and i saw my PS last friday and he instructed i start massaging and slightly pushing my breast together, in which he showed me how to do it.

My concern is that immediately after i left his office, my left breast didnt feel quite right.. it just felt slightly 'weird' like the implant had moved. Obviously i let it go thinking about them being pushed together.

Anyway i havent felt right since and ive noticed that the inside of my cleavage on the left breast has a bit of a flat spot! It just doesnt seem right, and feels weird.. like the implant isnt quite sitting in the same position. I cant feel my right at all- feels great. 

Ive avoided ringing the surgery as i know im early on but ive got myself in such a state of worry that i feel so sick and ended up in tears tonight. 

What would the flat spot be?! Could my implant have slightly rotated? There is no hugely obvious signs other than the flat spot of about 2 or 3cm in my cleavage.

Im going to call first thing tomorrow! :(

Thank you!!

2015-12-14 21.38.48.jpg

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Are u sure that indent wasn't there before ? It doesnt  that look rotated ,looks good nice and full at bottom ,I can see by pushing implants together maybe he Hoping to stretch that out ,,? I hope u get answers ,tears and anxiety suck 

thanks for replying Katewell.. just need the reassurance i guess. ?

Yeh i am 95% sure it wasnt there before. 

Eeek... hopefully u r right! I know its only early days but before i saw him i couldnt feel or see the flat bit so i freak out that suddenly its there and its not sitting as comfortable any more. And just how i can feel the implant being flat there in that spot freaks me out.

Haha anxiety was through the roof earlier. I was near having a panic attack ?? ive calmed a bit now and will wait to see him or the nurse. 



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I'm sure you'll be fine :) I think it would take more than massaging to rotate it. Share your photo and worries with your surgeon. 

I know how worried you just feel. I had pain in my boobs at 3 weeks post op because I over did it lifting things at work. I'm fine, but I definitely learnt my lesson!

By the way - they look awesome! Love the shape and size!

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