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Help...Small soft horizontal bump on top of Breast three days post op


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Can anyone help?! I had a BA on Saturday. I had dual plane position, round 325cc implants. Yesterday when I touched the top of my right breast I could feel a horizontal bump across the top of my boob about 2 cm above my nipple. I went to the surgeon today and he is certain that it is just the implant bulging out from beneath the newly retracted pec muscle and has said that as the swelling decreases and fluid absorbs from behind the implant the implant should sit nicely into place. At the moment the top of my breast is very round which I'm guessing is to be expected and then it is almost flattish over my nipple. The fluid from around my nipple has gone.

Has anyone else had this happen. You can feel the same thing ever so slightly on my left boob too in the same place. 

Is is this normal because I am freaking out that it is rippling!! ?

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