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Can I measure myself to work out what size I am?!


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3 and a half weeks post op and just thinking about ordering/buying some non under wired bras - ps said I wear these when I'm 6 weeks.., however I'm no idea what size I am, I'm going to be either a full b or a teeny c ? I think so even harder to know which size to lean towards when ordered, how can I measure myself accurately to avoid going somewhere and getting measured which I'm so not comfortable with ? Or should I not even be attempting to measure myself yet, is it too early days?? 

Forgive me If this is a really dumb question! I've never had boobs before to measure ?

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yes, jump on the bras and things website it has a size chart measure around your chest below your boobs and then measure around the fullest part of your breasts. You can use those measurements to work.out what size you need on that chart.

its not entirely accurate because different brands vary a bit in size. I measure a 10H but am wearing 12E or 12D the chart does help show you how cup sizes vary with band sizing which made buying easy for me 10h is hard to find but 12E and D are a little easier.

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