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My BA with Dr Miroshnik


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Hi ladies,

today is day 3 post op for me so I thought I'd share my journey so far. Just a warning this is an essay :)

To be perfectly honest getting a boob job was never something I had ever considered. I have always had small boobs but they were full and perky and I had always told myself I would rather have small real boobs than big fake ones. I also tried to make myself feel better about small boobs by telling myself that when I got hit on by a guy at least I knew it wasn't because of my boobs! 

I had heard that after you have babies your boobs shrink but I thought I would not fall into that category as I didn't see how they could possible get any smaller......how wrong I was about that one!! After having two bubs and breastfeeding both my boobs not only shrunk but they sagged and became deflated. The only things that got bigger were my nipples. Yuck! 

A friend of mine who had similar boobs to my pre baby ones got a boob job while she was back in the US visiting family and they were amazing. Not large she got 265cc rounds unders but I thought they looked great and just what I wanted mine to look like. For me knowing someone who had such natural looking implants really changed my views and I started to think that maybe it was an option I would consider. I finished breastfeeding my baby in Feb this year and within a month got to see the true results of what my boobs would be looking like for the rest of my life. I hated them so much; even to the point where I didn't want my husband to look at them or touch them and I started wanting to have the lights off when we had "playtime". I decided that this was no way to live so I started to entertain the idea of getting a BA. I spent the next 6 months doing research. I started with all of the medical side of things first like the different types of implants you can get, how they are put in, side effects, horror stories, long term effects, longevity etc. Then I stated to look at where to get them done. I heard a lot about Thailand as I know they are well known for trans-gender surgery so have surgeons with great skill and reputations. My only reservation with Thailand was that I knew you needed follow up appointments which wouldn't be done face to face and also if there were any complications I would prob need to head back overseas or pay for a surgeon here to fix any issues. Also I have a friend from Thailand who is a nurse and she mentioned that all the Thai's are heading to Korea for their work now so I decided that was too much hassle to save a few thousand dollars. 

I then started  to research here in Sydney. For me the choice between a Cosmetic surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon was a pretty simple one. If I was going to get this done I was happy to pay for someone I considered to be an expert in the field of Plastic Surgery. Google became my best friend and that is how I stumbled across this forum. The info on here is amazing and I loved reading everyones stories and searching all sorts of info to help me make my choice. Once I found a few surgeons I liked the sound of I started to check out their websites, instagram and facebook accounts. Their credentials and reviews were all great so it really came down to who's work I liked the best. Because I wanted to look as natural as possible and not go too large Dr Miroshniks pics appealed to me the most. I rung and booked a consult for Sept. He was great, had such an easy manner and was very matter of fact. Made jokes and put me at ease. Basically as soon as I took my top off he said "this is what we need to do and don't worry I'll make you look amazing" To me he seemed so experienced and knowledgeable. I went home and chatted to my husband and paid my deposit the next day. I booked for Dec as I knew my hubby would be off for two weeks to help look after the kids.

Basically between Sept and Dec I became obsessed with this site, looking up as much as I could, reading loads of stories and going through a few emotions of whether I was doing the right thing or not. Everyone I told was really supportive and the only ones who had reservations were those concerned about that fact I was having surgery which always carries risks.  I had a freak out on Thursday when I received the call from the hospital to tell me what time I had to be there the following day as I think that was when reality actually kicked in. I had to be at the hospital at 8 for a 9am surgery which I was happy about as there would be no waiting around all day. I went to the East Sydney Private Hospital and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff there. Everyone I encountered was so friendly, joked with me made sure I was feeling ok every step of the way and I knew that I was going to be in great hands. Dr M came in to measure me up and he caught me eyeing off his coffee and joked that it was a bit mean of him to bring it in so he'd put it on the other side of the room so I wouldn't try and steal it! We just chatted about stuff while he drew some artwork on my chest. They all seemed very good at keeping me distracted from what was actually going on. He gave me a wink as he left the room and said "don't be nervous everything will be fine" The anaesthetist Dr DaSilva came in next to chat  about his side of things and again he was very professional and friendly. I was taken into the theatre which was a bit daunting as I haven't had surgery before. I lay down on the bed and they chatted to me about Christmas while putting the cannula in my arm and the next thing I knew I was waking up to someone calling my name. I was very groggy and just wanted to sleep and could feel a tight sensation on my chest. Once I was a bit more with it the nurses put on my sexy new bra, got me dressed and moved me to the recovery area where I demolished the food they gave me; yoghurt, crackers and cheese, chocolate cake, a bottle of water and a coffee. Dr M came to visit to tell me all went well and I just hung out till hubby came to collect me. We stopped at the chemist on the way home to collect my cocktail of drugs and then headed home. The pain was fine as I still had the local active so it wasn't until later on that I felt a bit more tender. The pain has def not been as bad as I expected. I feel like I have engorged Milk boobs and like someone has punched me in the ribs and I am surprised that I have pain below my ribs in the spot between ribs and belly button but with the meds its totally manageable. Have heard some bubble noises in my left boob but I know that's just a bit of fluid moving around.  My boobs are high, hard and swollen. They seem huge to me but I know they will become smaller so I am very happy with the size (I chose 295cc dual plane anatomicals). Sleeping is a pain as I'm a tummy sleeper but the endone and vallium knock me out so I can deal with that. Not sure how my back will be after two weeks of sleeping like this but I'll deal with that when I need to. Have been doing my exercises and icing my boobs and am much more mobile than I thought. My biggest concern was dealing with my kids. My 4 year old is great as I can explain that mummy has a sore back and shoulders and he needs to be very gentle with me. (he's been stroking my back before I go to bed which is nice)  My little one doesn't understand why I cant carry him or cuddle him so that's a little hard but he's been getting extra attention from his dad so that makes up for it. Had a bowel movement today Yah! Senokot, Baked Beans and a coffee seemed to do the trick! ;)  Overall I have had an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone. I am so happy with my choice of Dr Miroshnik and can't wait to see my end results sometime in the next  9-12 months. I have boobs YAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I have some pics of day of surgery in my gallery if anyone would like to have a look. If you made it to the end of this essay thanks for reading my story :)

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I think we all have very consistent stories about our experiences with Dr M which was one of the big thing that helped me choose him in the first place. I stalked him for probably close to 4yrs trying to find the "horror stories" I figured he sounded too good to be true and all the reviews did seem almost like a paid ad. But the reality is he is just a damn good surgeon with the best bedside manor and he has surrounded himself with a team that uphold his high standard. 

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Yeah I tried really hard to find some bad experiences and didn't manage to find any either. I'm so glad with my choice of surgeon. I reckon with 400 ops a year and no bad results he truly is an expert in his field. Lucky us!!

You can tell he is a perfectionist, you only have to look at how finely turned this staff are. The information pack I got when I booked was fantastic I felt like everything I wanted and needed to know was covered and because it was in writing I could look back over it when I needed to. 

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