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Hey All

21 aged male, I have lost 53kg. I workout 6 days a week. I have been left with a good amount of excess skin. It's not noticeable wearing clothing but with nothing on it does hang a bit or when I bend over it does come out a fair bit. I don't know wether having a tummy tuck will help as loosing 53kg I thought by now I'd be comfortable with my body and be able to walk around shirtless right? But having the excess skin is quite a downer. My personal trainer says because I'm still young it may go away on its own with the skins elasticity but I'm not sure. Has anyone got any experience with this or know someone with a similar problem to mine? 

Thanks in advance 

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I can empathize - I lost 60kg by the age of 24 and I have no regrets. But I made sure I waited a few years before going ahead because I wanted to see how much would shrink... Not much did :( I tried to accept my loose skin pouch but I was just denying my true feelings. Maybe hold off for a year or two then assess from there :) 

I have pics in a thread in this forum

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