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Pattaya experiences


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Cheaper is most definitely NOT better! I have been in the industry a long time now, I have worked in medical tourism, as well as plastics & I have seen breast surgery results from all over the world. My biggest piece of advice is research all surgeons.
If price point is a big deal for you, research surgeons close to home - ask them if they would consider your procedure medical, you might be eligible for a Medicare rebate.
Sometimes when you add up all the costs of traveling to another country, minimum stay there, the procedure (off the current exchange rate) - it's on pa or more affordable to stay in your own country.
The informed surgical consent & post operative care is so important when choosing a location. If you choose a surgeon in another country make sure you ask what the protocol is if revision surgery is required?
When choosing a Plastic Surgeon, ensure they have all the accreditations. The ASPS released a list of essential questions for your Specialist Plastic Surgeon. they are below: 

Are you a Specialist Plastic Surgeon?
Are you a fellow of the royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS)?
Are you a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Inc?
Is the procedure considered invasive?
Do you perform the procedure on a regular basis?
What are the possible risks and complications of this procedure? How will you (the surgeon) manage them?
Do you have a special technique relating to the procedure?
will the surgery be performed in an accredited facility?
Will a qualified anaesthetist administer and/or sedative medication? Are these fees included in the treatment cost?
Do you have a consent form outlining the procedure for me to review?
Will there be any discomfort following the procedure? How will this be managed?
Will I need time off work?
Are there other post-operative side effects?
Will there be any visible scarring following the procedure? How can this be minimised?
What aftercare will be provided and will this be included in the treatment costs?
Do I have options other than surgery?
What are the costs and will Medicare cover any of the procedure cost?


I hope this helps  :)

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Im in Pattaya right now and all good so far. Same quality of hospital and dr as I had in Phuket through Bangkok Private Hospital.

A friend of mine had breast augmentation here a few years ago and no issues at all + they look great.

Once im back home i will post a complete review of my experience as its still early days yet ( 1 day post op).

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