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Back pain


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Sure have , and yes lying down is only thing to relive it for me , I've just started side sleeping and this is helping too , it's because you over compensate those shoulders and pull in so back muscles are tight and over worked from not being in there normal position , just start some light stretches and I started Chiro at 3 weeks and been going every fortnight ,,,still waiting for pics ?

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That's a relief to hear ? It's been making me super anxious... I lost a very close friend 18 months ago and it's always at the back of my mind... All she had was this lower back pain and we lost her 4 months later - bowel cancer ?? sorry if this sounds really dramatic, just how my silly anxious brain works nowadays ? 


Don't think I'll ever be brave enough to post piccies on here ??

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I had 2 titanium rods right through the length of my spine, with cross bars and screws put into my back 5 years ago to correct severe scoliosis.

since then i usually have some mild back pain here and there but nothing severe. After my BA on Saturday I have been in a world of pain.. I went from the panadeine forte, to endones, and now these 50mg Durogesic patches that they give to cancer patients for pain! It's all making me feel terribly sick and I have Valium and anti nausea medicine to go along with it!

walking into this I really didn't think my back issues would cause such a fuss, but I think like Katewell said, we are so tight that any pre existing back issues you might have are amplified by the tightness of our muscles :(.

I can 100% empathise with you right now, and am hoping its not long until the tightness and pain subsides.

I hope you are recovering well otherwise xx

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