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Making my deposit with cosmeditour!! Anyone else had experience?


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Sorry for the kind of unimportant post, but I'm super excited. I'm finally going to be putting down my despoit with Cosmeditour to go get a BA & BL in Bangkok this upcoming june and I just needed to share it somewhere! I've got my surgical recommendation from Dr Pornthep which I'm pleased with, and I'm basically just going to be counting down the days at this point.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to share their experience/have general advice? I've never traveled overseas before, so I'm a little nervous! I was hoping to just get away with carry on luggage, but I'm not too sure how that's going to go haha! If you've gone through cosmeditour, how did you find it? I'd love to hear about others experience with them/going over to bangkok for surgery! 

Edit: Going to be making it monday now. I completely blanked that they don't work on weekends. :(

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I went through Cosmeditour on the Gold Coast and everyone was super helpful & couldn't fault my experience. Post op I've had multiple follow up calls/emails from Cosmeditour/Breast Academy (where surgery was held) and also surgeon himself. So if the international team are like this you will have a good experience and also extremely happy with my new boobs ☺️

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