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Data security and your privacy


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The PSF forum uses the IPS Suite by Invision Power. It's a '3rd party piece of software' developed in the USA that powers thousands of the largest forums around the world so we are in good hands. The software is continually getting updated and we take your security and privacy extremely seriously.

Whilst we are constantly monitoring the security of PSF, some of the biggest sites in the world have incurred data breaches and it's important to realise that it could happen to anyone at anytime. With that in mind we recommend the following:

We strongly advise that you do NOT post any personal information or images that you would not want in the public domain. In the technology world that we all live in, it's the only sensible approach and applies to any website or app from PSF to Facebook. We also recommend that you de-identify yourself (via cropping or masking) from all images that you upload.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding security, please don't hesitate to send us a private message via the support centre.

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