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So I've developed....

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Gah! So I have developed what I think is Mondor's cord :(

I have three under one breast and 2 under the other.. They are soooo painful when I use my arms, like a massive pulling sensation and a pinch.

I've had a quick read online and there doesn't seem to be any treatments so I'd thought I'd ask in here what suggestions you all have (or have been advised)?

These photos were taken two days ago, I have more now and they are longer/thicker :(



Also has anyone had their Montgomery Glands removed? After Breastfeeding three very hungry children I have loads! Can they be lasered or do you have to have them cut out?

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They may not be Mondors Chords. I thought I had the same but I went and had an emergency appointment with my Surgeon who told me they were the internal dissolvable sutures that can take up to 24 weeks to full dissolve. Mine are almost gone now at 5 months post op. Yes very tender but a heat pack helped. 


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Thanks ladies, I texted him and he replied that they are fibrous cording from the ant rectus sheath, nothing to be concerned about anyd will go away on their own.. so I guess that means they are Mondor's cord or is the above different? LOL

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