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30's & Ready for a FACE-LIFT!

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Hi All, 

Unfortunately, I was born (so to speak) with the hereditary 'double chin' and now, as I've just passed the 30 mark, the family jowls are forming. Cant win! 

When I was 25 I had liposuction done on the underside of my chin to remove the extra fat and it worked incredibly well.

The skin was super tight (not uncomfortably tight) and I had a more defined jaw line, that was near non-existent to begin with. My face finally matched my slender body! 

As time passed and I approached my 30's, the amount of collagen began to deplete, gravity set in and my double chin came back with vengeance. 

In order to fix this problem, I began using dermal fillers to define my jaw line, plump my cheeks and ultimately lift and tighten my sagging lower half of my face. The filler in my cheeks acted as a type of 'coat hanger' to lift the drooping skin on the underside of my chin.

I went overboard to say the least. Spent literally thousands over the years to keep my face looking smooth and tight.

Botox helped also. Having injections directly into my double chin, lifted the droop. But once again, this was only a temporary fix to a problem I was born with as such.  

I've spent so much money, time and effort on obsessing over my face, it almost wasn't worth it. 

I am ready for a FACE-LIFT! I would deeply appreciate recommendation of Doctors in Thailand that can carry our my procedure.

I have made various inquiries with Cosmetic Procedure Organisations that operate & co-ordinate surgery in Thailand, although, I would like some first hand experiences also. 

And recommendations of Facial Doctor Specialists that I can choose from also if anyone knows of any please! 

Thank you so much in advance :) Cant wait to keep everyone updated on my progress :D




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