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ive had friends that have been there and some good results, some bad.

if you want natural looking DO NOT go there.

even the ones that look good, do not look natural.


you cannot put a price on your life.

what ive just had last week cost me 22k all up approx and i wouldnt pay less.


your average BA will put you out 10/12k and i think its worth it.

work the extra year and save! thats what my friend did and she is so happy she did it because our other friend went to the tci wanting the same thing, lets just say i know who i would be proud to call mine.


good luck deciding :)

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I was looking at TCI for a very long time. Mainly for cost. However... My partner came home this morning said he doesn't want me getting it done unless it's with a PS. So I'm going to Dr Richardson for my consult on the 27th Feb and tonight I'm deciding whether I should pre book the surgery for March just in case he books out! 


Do your research. Some are great. You don't see any bad ones. But I'm sure like every surgeon. There are "bad" ones out there. 

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Maybe try TBI in brisbane ..its owned by richardson and broadhurst .. i had my surgery through them. .

I also looked into cosmedi but after emailing pics they said i didnt qualify for the $5800 and had to pay $6800 .. then they said am extra $2000 for teardrops which i didnt want anyway .. but still a rip off .. then $250 up front for a consult .. went to TBI $6500 all up plus $150 consult on day ..but a was straight forward BA no lift needed 

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