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Aside from Imani and Pham who else would you recommend in Perth? or would you fly over east to have surgery with another (possibly more skilled surgeon)? From the comments I have read about the above two surgeons in a few previous threads.. I am curious if the recommendations/cpmments on those threads are legit or fake accounts.. I would LOVE to see before and after photos also..

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I think we need to remember what Dr Peter Callan told us on the boards....

"You just need to check that your surgeon is FRACS in either Plastic Surgery or ENT Head and Neck Surgery, and is experienced in rhinoplasty.  Check the RACS website, The AHPRA website, or the ASOHNS or ASPS websites."

He didnt mention any of the other 'societies'.   ENTs are all trained in 'facial plastics' as part of the course.

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Hi @410ccfx

My post is legit I  think all the posts here about them are genuine not fabricated.

Both surgeons are well trained in the area of ENT &  facial plastic surgery. both of them are affiliated with  IFFPSS  

Dr Tuan Pham is soon to be the president of the internatonal federation of facial plastic surgery  http://www.iffpss.org/ 

I myself based in Sydney was considering to have a primary rhinoplasty consultation with  both the surgeons with logistics and costs I decided  too not go ahead.  

If you are looking for other surgeons The Australian academy of facial plastic surgey  http://www.aafps.com.au/surgeons/wa/ is a academy of surgeons who are trained well and have interrest in facial plastic surgery who you may want to conisder


If you are looking for a qualified plastic surgeon  in WA please refer to this link :   http://www.plasticsurgery.org.au/about-us/search/?surgeonName=&surgeonState=WA&searchSurgeons=1&submit=Search

good luck with your research :) 

No not you a few comments I have read on a few were newbies and had like 5 posts each and word for word the same comments about one Dr and then another member for the other Dr... seemed a bit weird and wondered if they were legit members...  I will have a consult with both though was curious if there was anyone else worth mentioning.

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I don't think it qualifies at all,  otherwise he would have mentioned it.  

The organisations he mentioned are all government regulated,  not self regulated and private , such as the AAFPS.  Big difference.   

You join the AAFPS by being a doctor (usually ENT) and paying a joining fee.  

As said,  all ENTs are equally trained in facial plastics as part of the syllabus. ...whether they then choose to have an interest in throat, purely functional rhinoplasties, or functional and cosmetic rhinoplasties is entirely up to them. 

There is no special mysterious private 'fellowship' that deems one more qualified, and Dr Callan confirmed this.     


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In keeping in line in the topic  @410ccFX  posted and not derailing this thread!


I think she appreciates all info directly relating to her question on her thread, thanks :)

I would recommend consulting with  Sam Cuneen or Stephen Chan,  both  FRACS plastic surgeons. 




ENTs are also great, but I'd avoid the 'business man' like ones, such as the ones who also perform BAs or call themselves plastic surgeons.



What is a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

A facial plastic surgeon specialises in cosmetic and/or reconstructive surgery of the face, head and neck only. They commonly perform procedures relating to the eyes, ears, nose, neck, face, chin and skin. Just like a plastic surgeon, a facial plastic surgeon in Australia is a fully qualified Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). They will have completed formal training in plastics, ENT or even general surgery, before going on to do further training allowing them to specialise in surgery of the face.


That sounds false though.

"The official qualifications to look for in someone who is going to do your rhinoplasty will either be Specialist Plastic Surgeon, or a Specialist Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT, Otolaryngology), Head and Neck surgeon"

"ENT Facial Plastic Surgeon or ENT Facial Cosmetic Surgeon have no official recognition as specialties in themselves, but are descriptors that surgeons use to let people know what they do"

- Dr Callan


There's no further training that allows one to "specialize in the face",  once your already an ENT or plastic surgeon.   

All ENT can do rhinoplasties,  which is a 'facial plastic'  procedure already. 

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