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Advice please

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Hi ? 

firstly I would be researching surgeons in the area she wants to go (Phuket or Bangkok). I have noticed that most ladies here are with piac. They have their own website or you can book with an agency like cosmeditour or destination beauty. 

Make sure there are no bad reviews, I haven't found any in Phuket so far. I haven't looked at Bangkok at all however. 

Good luck 

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I'm about to fly out to Pattaya for BA/BL with Dr Teerasut at Bangkok Hospital through Restored Beauty Getaways.  I haven't seen any bad reviews from surgery at Bangkok Hospital, and a friend of mine had her boobs done there and they are great with no complications and she has all sorts of issues such as blood clotting condition and so forth. 

I have read from other people that it is cheaper if you book direct through the hospitals but for peace of mind I went through a medical tourism group as they give you all sorts of information that I wouldn't even have thought about.

I guess best advice is for her to do her research and ask lots of questions.

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