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Over or under the muscle?

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Hi ladies,

I recently had my BA consultation and one of the main things we talked about was going under or over the muscle!

My breasts are slightly tuburous.. and I have very little breast tissue but have quite good muscle.  I am going with Dr Blackstock at Enhance clinic in Emu Plains. By the way he was talking it sounded like over the muscle was the way to go i'll have a much better change getting rid of that tubular look rather than going under the muscle.  It is obviously completely my decision but i don't want anymore surgeries having to fix it serperately.  Has anyone had this same problem/dilemma?  I've done alot of research and loads of pages are saying under the muscle is the way to go.. I also dont want mine to look super fake and beach-ball like.  Over the muscle girls how are you finding yours? 

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!  


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Love my over the muscle. Was back at work 5 days later. Push up and wired bras and going braless at early as 3.5-4 weeks post op. I'm very thin and didn't have much tissue but so far so very good. I also plan long term for my implants so over muscle seemed much better as implants will move down with gravity with my breast tissue :) (research waterfall effect over muscle implants). Feel free to FR me to look at my pics x

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