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Perth Breast augmentation surgeons

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum so I was hoping for some honest feedback on any experiences anyone has had in regards to BA surgeons in perth? I am leaning toward either Dr Mark Lee or Dr Tony Connell, but i haven't really seen much of their before and after work.

I am currently a AA and would like to be a natural looking full B/ very small C. 

has anyone got any suggestions? advice?

Thanks in advance :) xx

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Hey there :D 

I had my surgery (tuberous breast correction) with Tony Connell on the 23rd of november last year and had 335cc tear drops which took me from a 12a/b to a 12d (although they look like natural C's) :) 

Tony is absolutely and I am so totally in love with my boobs- I had to wait 4 months (mainly due to uni) which was agonising but was so so so worth the wait! :) 

The whole experience from consult to surgery to aftercare has been amazing and all his staff have been so helpful :) 

Best of luck with who ever you choose to go with :) 

* The pic is of me at 8 weeks- with my areola scars still healing  :) *


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wow they look awesome @Countrygirl94 !! 

thanks everyone.

Everyone does seem to be raving about Dr Connell so I think I might book in for a consult.

Do you mind me asking what he would charge for a standard BA? 

Thanks xx

I've been quoted around 14k for my standard BA with no reimbursement from Medicare :) 

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