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Is there a difference in cost in Aus Cities?

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Hi everyone,

 My first post wahoo! 

I am in Brisbane and have been contemplating  going to Bangkok for lift and implants. 

I haven't seen my GP for a referral get, how wet have been researching as much as Google allows for the cost is Bl and BA in Aus. Most sites that come up are in Sydney.

Can I be bold and ask if anyone would mind sharing their experiences in Brisbane or any other of our capitals for BA & Bl surgery. Dr? Costs? Overall experience? Recommendations? 

I am curious if any of the major cities have cost differences for the same surgery?

I don't have a child under 7 so I am not eligible or looking for information on the "mummy makeover" rebate costs.

over the past two years o have lost half my body weight and as a result little to no breast tissue hence the need for a lift and augmentation and the cosmetic clinics are not able to do the surgery I will need, I would need a plastic surgeon.

wow that was long!



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