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Why do you need a cosmetic travel agent when you can book your surgery through the hospital directly?

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Hi Girls,

I'm a newbie here, and I'm thinking of having my breasts done in Bangkok. What I can't understand after reading through the forum is, "Why do we need a cosmetic travel agent when we can book our surgery directly through the hospital?".  For example, if I want to have Dr. Preeyaphas do BA for me, I  can just go to Bumrungrad website, check the Contact page where there is a form I can fill, fill the form, and then the hospital will contact me. Or I can send the hospital an email and a staff at the hospital will contact me. Or I can send an email to Dr. Preeyaphas directly. I'm sure there's his email somewhere on the internet. And he'll contact me. I don't think it's difficult for us to contact the doctor of our choice without the help of cosmetic agencies. Also it's definitely cheaper to book a surgery directly through a hospital than through a cosmetic travel agency. AND I read some stories here. The rep at Bumrungrad is excellent. So I don't understand why you chose to book your surgery through an agent.


Can anyone tell me why I need a cosmetic travel agent please? And what can cosmetic agents offer me if I decide to book my surgery through them? And what can cosmetic travel agents do but the hospital can't? And can anyone tell me of your experience why you chose to book your surgery through cosmetic agents in the first placef?


Thank you!

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Some people prefer to book with an agent for piece of mind and if they don't have time to do all the 'leg work' People that travel alone also like the support of having an agent with them during the pre and post op period.  That being said there are some really good agents out there but also some dodgy ones so do your research! 

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I think its mostly for.peace of mind...if you are travelling alone or are nervous. 

I went straight through the hospital in phuket and went alone and they organised everything lol they were amazing and i didnt want for anything!

However i dod really like the look of the 'group tours' but my dates didn't align.

Totally an individual decision but definitely do your research if you choose an agent x

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