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Medicare changes affecting Private coverage

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Hi I just received my quote for a tummy tuck BA BL  Mummy makeover) & rang my private health to query coverage for tummy tuck but as the dr indicated that I don't meet the new criteria so unlikely it would be covered but hernia repair & BL & BA would be. but my health fund has said that if the tt is listed as an item number they see that as the primary reason for hospitalisation & so therefore although all the other item numbers will be covered by medicare they will have reduced benefits as a tt is now deemed cosmetic & I will have a very large out of pocket expense. I feel like crying. I have a massive hernia that pokes through my large muscle separation ( the reason I need my tummy fixed ply some excess skin from my twins ) but they said very little. Even if My DR doesnt list tt as an item number but charge me privately but the hospital does for whatever reason again not covered. Please any advise or help would be great.......

I dont qualify for the tt with medicare as I have had twins not massive weight loss) 


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I just replied to your other post too. I just wanted to add that I really feel for you. I bawled my eyes out when I got my revised quote without the tt item number (i'm also looking at a ba/bl). It will be over $30K when I include hospital fees etc. I have to postpone the surgery now...maybe in another year or so hubby and I can look at a loan. It's so unfair isn't it? Our bodies stretched so much from having twins and produced significant physical damage - yet supposedly it is cosmetic to fix it.

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