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Protesting Medicare changes to TT

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The description of the petition is the first thing so instead of protesting changes to tummy tuck. Maybe it should say something like help change the lives of women suffering painful conditions following pregnancy?? It needs to be short enough for a heading but with some detail so people sign it.

suggestions would be great 😀

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Diastatis Recti is a real condition ( muscle separation of the abdominal muscles) this is one of the prime conditions that can & often does occur with large babies & multiple pregnancies. It causes severe abdominal pain & back pain as there is no core strength when the abdominal muscles are unable to support the core. I can see my intestines & bowel rumbling around as there is little to no barrier to hold everything in place.

hide the mummytmmy I will think of a heading or something to grab people attn to get them onboard xx

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