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NEED HELP plz do you think i am tuberous

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hi i am need of help,

From a young age i have alwayshated my breast i have small boobs and one breast that is bigger than the other everyone kept telling me it was normal and it happens to alot of people i was picked on in school years and after that i never wanted to wear swimmers i hated going to the beach nor would i ever take my top of around anyone, i was told they are ok but i could never accept them , i have always been ashamed of my breast which made me very self conscious and lack self esteem, i have never been able to afford breast implants due to having a family young i also struggled to breast feed with both my children i was not producing enough milk for them and both only lasted a couple of days before i had to bottle feed,  so i am now 29 and finally getting a bit more financial so i decided i was going to get myself implants yay i was so excited because its been something i have been dreaming about for over 10 years and it means alot to me ,

so i started doing research on different surgeons and getting in contact with a many after a few e-mails back and forth my excitement soon turned into sadness once again after being told that i have quite severe asymmetry as well as tuberosity of my breasts. a couple of them knocked me back as they dont have the qualifications being only cosmetic surgeons and the surgery required was reconstructive and the ones that did, informed me that i am going to need 2 separate surgery's a BA and a BL also i will need to see a specialists plastic surgeon tho i may qualify for medicare rebates as well as PHI which i didnt have , so  its not going to be as straight forward or in the $7000 price range that i originally budgeted for  but thats it thats the only information i have been left with . so after alot more of my own GOOGLE research i applied for Bupa Budjet Hospital cover with that tho i have a 12 month waiting period for pre existing conditions which is ok because it will give me time to get all the information i need as well as save money for it and choose the right surgeon for my situation,

 my questions are
What is your opinion? do you think i am tuberous?

and do you think its possible to achieve large breast that are the same size  with implants only , do i have to have a lift as well

 if i just need a BA and BL whats the reconstructive part?

how much will it cost me and a breakdown of the fees
can i apply for more than one medicare item numbers for the one proceedure like 45558 ( i have a 19month old ), 45559 , 45524, 45528, 45545 and could i use one more than once  ? what will that take off the total cost whatever that may be

Public Hospital
Private Hospital
Heart Surgery
Palliative Care
In-Hospital Rehabilitation
Non Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
 and that Your hospital cover helps pay for all in-patient hospital-related treatments (other than those listed as exclusion or
not covered) at Members First, Network hospitals and public hospitals where Medicare pays a benefit, provided and no gap will apply if i choose  at Members First or, Network hospitals 
the standard membership conditions, including waiting periods, are met.,

so i am not sure what they pay for i really dont understand and then what do i have to pay for after that what are all the total fees involved like surgeon fee assistant fee anesthetic fee implants but not sure of the complete list of fees, 
what would be the cheapest option for me as being a single mum i may be more finanical now than 10 years ago but still dont have alot so i neet the cheapest option possible
and is there any way i can get it done through the publc health system ?




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I'm not an expert but I would say they do look tuberous to me and if a few surgeons have told you so, then it is likely to be the truth. 

Quite a few girls here have had surgery for tuberous breasts in the one procedure. Usually your private health will cover the theatre costs for the hospital (which can be anywhere from $2000 depending on the length of the surgery) provided there is a Medicare number applied. Medicare will then cover the scheduled fee for those items as well as the anaesthetist but bear in mind surgeons will always charge more than the scheduled fee. 

Hopefully @MaisieF sees this as she had a complex tuberous case and got excellent results. 

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I would say you are tuberous, more so on one side. In regards to needing a lift - I'm no expert but if you want symmetrical breasts you may need one in order to end up with the same nipple position on both sides. It sounds like you've done your research. You really do need to see a plastic surgeon, otherwise you could fork out thousands and still be unhappy! Private health and Medicare should be able to help you out, I'm just not sure to what extent they will cover. Some of the other members will be able to give you more advice on that part :) maybe have a look in the tuberous breast section of the forum. There are many tuberous girls on here, it's not as uncommon as you may think and they will offer you tonnes of support :) 

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Just to give you an idea mine was $19,500 all up and with Medicare 45559 & PHI it took the total cost down to $10,300 (from memory!!)  

Really worth getting PHI great help for the initial surgery and when I had an early post op complication I spent 3 nights in a private hospital after a second op & didn't have to pay a cent, it was a life saver. 

The reconstruction part is the scoring of the lower pole to release the constricted tissue, they are making you a new breast really I think its so amazing what surgeons can do. 

Good luck with it all, do your research and go to a reputable surgeon and you'll be fine! Everyone here is more than happy to answer your questions we've been through it and know how it feels at the start when you don't quite understand everything x 



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Unfortunately if you have tuberous breasts (which it appears that you might) the costs do start to add up. It's not a 'cut & stuff' operation which are the $7000 type ones that you see advertised. You need the skills of a PS that is experienced with tuberous breast correction.

I have PHI but they only covered half my hospital stay, so I ended up still approx $1500 out of pocket. I got a small amount of money back from both my PHI & Medicare for my anaesthetist, and got a small amount back for my actual surgeon fees (around $1200) as I was tuberous & it's considered a 'deformity'.

After all was said & done I was around $11000 out of pocket. 

So I guess in your situation it might be worth holding off for a while and saving that bit extra. I know it sucks but I really, really don't think you'll get as much money back for your op as you think. 

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Hi @loz87

i am also a tuberous case. I'm not sure where you're based, however I'm from Geelong and consulted with 2 plastic surgeons - Peter Callan and Richard Rahdon. Both surgeons advised me that I was mildly tuberous and had mild assymetry. 

Peter advised a BA + BL to be done in the one operation and would cost close to $13,000 without Medicare approval and therefore PHI. However would cost $6,500 with approval. 

I then met with Richard who advised only a BA as he would be able to score the inside of the breast where the breast tissue is constricted to release the tension. Then said he will lower one crease so that assymetry can be corrected as well as using 2 different sized mentor round textured implants to help also. He believes i don't need a lift because of the mildness of my case and that in doing the things mentioned above it could be avoided. His costs were going to be $9,500 if not covered by Medicare and PHI or $6,500 if approved (which I am).

Both surgeons are highly regarded with Richard being the overseeing surgeon for our trainees in our local hospital, the on-call surgeon, as well as working in London and gaining extensive knowledge in tuberous cases as well as reconstructive surgery.

Having PHI insurance means that the cost of my implants are covered, as well as accommodation fees (less my $250 excess), theatre fees, and obviously the rebate on the surgeon and anaesthetist fees. 

Do your research, talk to people, travel interstate if you need to and do what you need to do for you body. Your self-esteem and feeling of being "normal" is so important! Good luck Hun :) 

I'm having surgery with Richard on Thursday this week and I cannot wait to feel and look normal! 

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I would say your first step would be to go and see your GP. If they ascertain that your assymetry and tuberous breasts (which I'm 99% sure they are) are considered reconstructive surgery, then you will be able to claim a lot back through Medicare. Your GP will give you the Medicare number/s applicable and refer you to a surgeon. Good luck and keep is posted!

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