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Smooth Implants in Thailand

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Hey everyone,

So I've done quite a bit of reading around this forum and a lot of my own online research. I'm looking at getting breast augmentation in December in Phuket or Bangkok. I was all ready to pay my deposit and secure my booking through Destination Beauty with Dr NJ in Bangkok. However, after doing a lot of my own research, I think smooth implants will provide a softer and more natural look and feel for me as I'm not starting with a lot of breast tissue. Dr NJ only offers textured implants, as do a lot of Thai surgeons because they are still working on the 'outdated theory' that smooth implants present a higher risk of capsular contracture. With today's implants, the risk is actually the same between textured and smooth implants, especially when placed under the muscle (as mine will be). So far, I've found Dr Piyapas and Dr Witoon at Bangkok Hosptial Phuket that offer smooth, round implants. I've seen the work by these doctors and the results are outstanding. I'm still waiting to hear back from Bangkok Hospital Phuket with a quote and personalised recommendation. I know there is also Dr Poomee in Bangkok. The fact that he's worked in the US for 20 years makes me feel comfortable that he'd be a great surgeon. However, his prices were quite high! I know at the end of the day, it's the quality that matters but considering I've seen some fantastic outcomes at a lower price, I'm put off by his fees. 

Has anybody come across any other Thai surgeons offering smooth implants (without hesitation)? I want them to be comfortable and familiar with using them, not just using them in the 1% of cases that patients push for it. Also, those of you who've had smooth implants in Thailand, either with Piyapas, Witoon or anyone else, can you share your experience with me?

Thanks :)

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