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Anxiety leading up to BA & labiaplasty

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Hey forum, 

I'm struggling at the moment! My surgery is booked for 25th Feb. My size is picked from several consults with my surgeon. I'm happy with the choice...540cc naturelle full projection under the muscle. Sizers looked good n we did all the comparisons with bwd of implant...which by the way was 17! I find this hard to believe as I'm a size 10 173xm 65kg. But I guess the tap measures doesn't lie. 

I don't understand how my bwd can b so large when I'm a size 10. ?

anyway I'm also getting labiaplasty done at the same time so I'm gonna b sore from top to bottom! 

I can't move or wash for 3-5 days cos of the labiaplasty, apparently it bursts the stitches and glue.!

im prone to anxiety, and my surgeon has given me med's for that as well as the pain medication. 

Sorry bout the essay! I just need a little support 😄.! I can't wait for some lovely boobies (I'm barely a b ) and also a tidy wooohoo! Just stressed I'm gonna b sore all over! 

Done all the research! Why am I so stressed! Xxxx 

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