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Scared: post-op call tomorrow

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Hey guys, unfortunately my recovery is going down hill. I feel fine but my breasts look more and more fucked up everyday. 

I wrote an email to my post op nurse with my week 3 photos about asymmetry which is getting progressively worse and she booked me an appointment to have a phone consult with my surgeon tomorrow. 

I am devastated. I am praying my surgeon will tell me my condition is normal and the issue will resolve as they drop but I have a gut feeling it's not and I will require a revision. 

I was so happy with my experience until the last week. I look fine clothed but nude I am a mess. 

Just wanted to rant I guess. I feel such bad asymmetry is a surgical error so I am hoping it won't be too expensive. Any who has had a revision at TCI would be great to hear your experiences. 

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My nurse told me to think of them as two individual beings that will heal and deal with surgery at their own pace. They will not compare notes so don't expect them to match. 

For the first probably 6 or so weeks I woke up everyday with a different pair of boobs then I went to bed with and they never really matched. I think I had one of two days around the 4-5 weeks where they sort looked a pair. 

Around the 8 week I think they were pretty well matching but now at 12 weeks my right one has more side boob not that I can notice in the mirror but I can feel it annoying my arm. 

Try not to stress too much it really is a 12 month healing process. 


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