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Uneven breast size, crease and nipples.

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Ive booked in to see my surgeon earlier than my next review time as I'm really unhappy with my results so far but just reaching out to see what you ladies think. 

My breasts were uneven before surgery and I did expect some uneveness but not this much. My creases are no where near in line.  My nipple was lifted higher to compensate with that breast being larger and lower and uneven nipples. However now my nipples are still uneven as this one is now higher than the other and the areola is huge compared to the other one (it was larger before the lift but not this much).

I really wanted 2 different sized implants to hopefully make them more even but he said the nipple lift should be enough to even them out as it would also pull the breast up slightly.  

Do you think I'd be successful in getting the surgeon to cover the revision or do you think he'd make me pay it all again? 

(I've included a post op photo that was taken at about 6 weeks. I know its still early but given the size difference before and now I don't think they ever be even with the same sized implant)

Thanks for any advice/input. 

2016-03-09 16.10.07.jpg

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So much will change in the first 3 months and you wont know what they will really look like until close to 12 months. My nurse told me to think of them as two individual beings that will deal with surgery and heal at their own rate without comparing notes.  Don't expect them to match for quiet a while, try not to stress 

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18 hours ago, lilyarmstrong2016 said:

Hi, I think you're right -they do look uneven to me..  although maybe it depends if you're lifting your arms at the same level/is one yet to drop?

Good luck:) 

My arms are lifted but were pretty level.  Even with my arms down they are just as uneven. 


17 hours ago, LaurenT said:

They looks great size and shape wise but yes there is definitely still asymmetry issues. You could possibly get away with a free or heavily discounted revision, it depends how ethical your surgeon is. 

I hope so.  I really think that even once I've dropped and fluffed that they will be so uneven. Plus the areola size difference is REALLY bothering me as it tends to stick out of lower cut bras and can be seen if I'm in low tops.

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16 hours ago, LaurenT said:

I don't really see why he didn't do a nipple reduction when he did the lift, he was already half way there... Do you have any pre op photos?

I don't either @LaurenT , it would have made total sense to do it then. With my arms down by my sides my areolas are way more uneven than the pic shows. 😡

Im really frustrated that I think it's going to cost me the same amount of money that I paid the first time to get them fixed.  Not only the nipple but the size difference.  If they were a cup sized different before surgery I don't get why he thought the same cc would be ok. 

I'm just getting back into normal activities and just want to get them fixed asap and just extending the recovery rather than waiting for 6 to 12 months and starting again.   

I'll see if I've got a pre op on my phone but I don't think I have anymore.  

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