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How can two Dr's be so different???

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So I have had 2 consults with 2 Plastic Surgeons here in Auckland


im a small b cup, with some sag. Both said grade 2. I want a 'natural' mid range c cup.


First Dr:

BA over the muscle

teardrop 300cc in one and 320cc in the other to correct slight asymmetry 



Second Dr:


said i I will require a lift, without one I will end up with 'snoopy boobs'

Under muscle - dual plane 

Round (Motive brand so they are very squishy and take on a teardrop shape when you move)

295cc (no different sizes as he said the difference was minimal)



I will say the second doctor took ten times the measurements that the first doctor did.


im just quite devastated and feel really lost. How can two doctors have such differing options?? Not to mention the extra 5k! I've seen tonnes of ladies with more sag than me that haven't needed a lift. 


Ladies who who have had the BL & BA what was your experience with healing and outcome? He said he would do the lift cutting around the nipple :(


im just so sad. This started out at as such an exciting journey and now I feel like poop 😢

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An option to get a better idea is to post this in the Q&A section where one of Australia's great plastic surgeons can give you a recommendation. I would also look at the before and afters of the surgeons you've seen and compare their work. It's hard to say who is correct without more info, but personally I would go with under the muscle if you're already sagging. The weight of an implant can cause more sagging. Whether you need a lift - I'm not an expert and I don't know how much sagging you have. 

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